IH Hotline, we are here to help! IH热线,我们就在您身边!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

You LOVE working in hospitality but you may have questions or challenges and you may not be sure where to seek advice.

With more than 30 years combined experience working in hotel operations, the Inspire Hospitality team knows how it feels to feel frustrated, burned out, lost or struggling to get to the next step in our careers.

This is why we want to create a platform that can offer guidance for hospitality professionals and students. We believe knowledge, professional experience and genuine care are essential to build confidence in people and passion for our industry.

The IH Hotline is an easy and free way to submit your questions/ challenges/ concerns and receive a response within 48 hours. If we don’t have the answer, we will find someone who does!

Submit your questions with just a few steps:

1. Write your email to this address: info@inspirehospitality.com.cn

2. Set the subject of your email to be: IH HOTLINE

3. Share your name, job title, and the city where you work. Feel free to write in English or Chinese.

4. Your questions must be related to hospitality and below are some examples and topics:

We hope you can use this opportunity to grow in your career and find the support you need along the way! Please write to us today! info@inspirehospitality.com.cn



Inspire Hospitality团队成员拥有超过30年的酒店运营的工作经验。我们了解当一个人沮丧,






1. 将您的问题邮件至:info@inspirehospitality.com.cn

2. 将邮件的主题设定为:IH HOTLINE

3. 告诉我们一些关于你的背景,例如:您的姓或是名,工作职位,以及您所在的地区。


4. 您问题的主题必须是和泛服务行业相关的。(请参考英文版中的案例)


激发人们的好客之情 – 这就是我们想做的!

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