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A Sample of Keynote Topics 

Hospitality is THE “Bottom Line” 
No matter where you are in the world, no matter what language you speak, the rituals of hospitality connect us all. Learn how the basic principles of hospitality can be implemented in any industry or sector to reshape UX (user experience), company culture and drive the bottom line. 

The 54%: The Undiscovered Future Leaders of our Industry 

Understand the importance of creating a support structure for identifying, developing and retaining female leadership talent within your hospitality organization. You will learn the actionable steps that can be implemented for creating a sustainable company culture of talent development. 

Strike the Match! Reignite Your Team’s Passion for Hospitality

Burnout and frustration are common feelings for employees in our industry and high turnover is costly. Learn the actions you can take as an organization to inspire hospitality professionals to convert negative energy into engaging and fulfilling work the drives the bottom line.

Surviving A.I.: A Guide for the Future of Customer Service

Nowhere else in the world is technology more ubiquitous than it is in China, and customer service interactions are increasingly being replaced by A.I., mobile phones and facial recognition technology. Without a doubt, these trends will expand globally, and learn how to better equip your customer service teams to adapt, innovate and thrive in this new era of technology. 

** Keynotes can be tailored to your event or organization. Please contact for more information.

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"上海颐纱商务咨询顾问有限公司创始人Elizabeth Espinosa(奕莎)女士及其团队给旅游烹饪学院酒店管理系大一新生以及外国留学生们带来了精彩的入学专业教育讲座。此次讲座加深了中外大学生们对旅游与酒店管理专业的理解、消除误区、增进了同学们对本专业以及泛服务业的认同感,为日后专业学习、职业规划提供了方向性指导。讲座生动有趣、互动性强,给同学们带来一场难得的精神盛宴。"

—  扬州大学旅游烹饪学院社会合作与服务办公室副主任 宋雷老师